A look at the worldwide financial hubs

There are lots of economic hubs across the world and this post will look at three of the largest.

The majority of finance business is held in the major cities of the world, and London is just about the most important cities with regard to finance. Some view the city as the financial capital of the world due to the amount of financial trading that happens there. One of the biggest markets in the nation is the foreign exchange market that trades foreign currencies and dictates the worth of these currencies. The London financial district is just about the most affluent parts of the city as a result of how valuable the industry is, and it is where the likes of John Flint of HSBC work. As there is a lot of money within the field, the financial area is one of the nicest areas, with brilliant places of work and buildings. All these aspects make it one of the most eye-catching places to work in the capital.

New York is placed as the number one financial place in the world by a financial index, so it is no surprise that many financial institutions and firms are situated there. Being the biggest financial city in the US, the city pulls in a number of the right financial figures from around the globe, like James Gorman of Morgan Stanley. The district in which the banking institutions run is famed around the globe, and it frequently pops up in movies or TV which dramatize the day to day functions of the financial world. The stock exchange market in the US city is the greatest in the world, and as a result of this, practically every large finance business will have a place in the city. The diverse nature of modern-day cities can make them ideal places for international companies, and the state capital is no different. The various nationalities and cultures across the city entail they supply the ideal employees for banking institutions.

Hong Kong is definitely one the most well-off places in Asia, with many companies residing there, in fact, it has the largest density of banking companies across the world. One of the reasons for this is that it has a strategic geographical location, with access to countries in Asia and its governmental ties to the West. This gave the city a big trading advantage in the past and it has always been one of the largest financial centres in the world. The city is home to a number of the greatest banks, and bankers, including David Li of Bank of East Asia, which is the sixth largest licensed financial institution in the city. The city has fantastic infrastructure in place, and one of the top telecommunication services, which makes it an eye-catching place for businesses to settle in. The population of the area are generally well educated, and this is also another pull factor for firms.

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